It’s Not Too Late to Get in On Silver

Silver’s rally is only just getting started…

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Today I’m fielding a question from Dan F., who asks…

A while back, someone recommended buying a call option on SLV, an ETF on silver.

It’s gone up quite a lot since then – back in May, I think.

I’m wondering if you still think SLV is a good play now? And if so, how would you play it?

Dan, thanks for your question.

First off, I made that recommendation – to buy the Oct 14 SLV Call Option for $3 – back on May 20 of this year.

By Aug. 17 (the day I would have cashed out), it had risen all the way to $11.60 – a 286.6% gain.

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So would I dive back into SLV again?

Yes, for reasons I'll come to in a second…

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