Where’s All the Gold?

Gold is moving $100-$200 a day. Here’s what’s next…

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The $100-$200 daily moves in the gold price are here and appear to be here for good. Interest in gold miners is surging upward.

The combination of unlimited legal counterfeiting by central banks around the globe, mixed with refiners shutting down at a time of high demand is creating dislocations in the gold space that may prove incredibly consequential.

Spreads between bid/ask in the spot market are at levels I’ve never seen. Ditto for spot vs. futures contracts one month out.

The very simple version is there isn’t any gold available — in meaningful quantities — at anything close to the spot price.

I recently spoke with Van Simmons, partner and president of David Hall Rare Coins (best in the business and in a lot of cases created and reinvented the coin business) who explained what he’s hearing about supply constraints in the gold market. To read the interview, click here.

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The world’s secret gold reserves (and how you can score huge profits)

With all the unrest on financial markets in recent times. Trade wars, U.S. elections, a potential global recession, and hyper-volatility caused by the coronavirus panic…

Most pundits expect to see gold prices soar, much like they did in the wake of the 2008 crisis. Gold has already streaked up 22% since the start of this year. Pundits are expecting it to climb to $5,000 per ounce and legendary investor Jim Rickards is even calling for $10,000!

But where do you find most of the gold in the world?

It’s actually stored away deep underground… not in bank vaults or in Fort Knox like you might think. No, it’s literally still in the ground, waiting to be extracted.

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