This Tech Stock Has Too Many Catalysts to Ignore

It’s markets are growing AND the company is gaining market share…

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It’s like doubters of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) keep waiting to wake up one day and see the stock in free-fall as bulls overplayed their hand. The truth is, AMD stock remains a great bet on the future of technology. 

As time goes on, computing tasks aren’t becoming less robust. They’re becoming more demanding, which increases the need for GPUs and chipmakers like AMD. 

The fact that AMD was a penny stock a few years ago and on the brink of survival has cemented a lot of doubt within the bear camp. Fortunately, their theses are out of line. While it’s possible the company has a hiccup or two along the way, AMD continues to take market share at a time where the market is growing. 

That’s exactly the kind of thing bulls want to see and it’s exactly why the stock has done so well. Now AMD is leaning on a bevy of industries — including crypto, AI, automotive, gaming and cloud-computing to name a few — to drive its business. 

Unless these industries are going to unravel, neither will AMD stock… Story continues here.


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Louis Navellier
Senior Quantitative Analyst, InvestorPlace