This Safe Material Can Easily Kill Coronavirus

No one is watching this commodity, and its prices are cheap. That gives us a massive opportunity…

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The countertops in doctors’ offices and hospitals, the belt at the grocery store, the handrails on mass transit systems and the buttons in elevators — all house the coronavirus, the cause of the current pandemic, that lives on these surfaces for up to three days. Material science will take a huge step forward in the wake of this pandemic.

The age of steel and plastic surfaces may be coming to an end.

However, there is a substance that kills viruses within four hours — including the coronavirus. It’s a substance that used to be prevalent all throughout hospitals. But, it was replaced in the 1980s.

I’m talking about copper. And its use as a material, to slow the spread of viruses, is about to skyrocket.

Medical Researcher Phyllis Kuhn observed, back in 1983, that even tarnished brass (a copper-zinc alloy) kills bacteria, while stainless steel does nothing.

She said back then:

“If your hospital is being renovated, try to retain old brass hardware or have it repeated; if you have stainless steel hardware, make certain that it is disinfected daily, especially in critical-care areas.”

Unfortunately, almost no one took her advice. Stainless steel is easy to clean and has a shiny appearance. It makes hospitals look impressive, but it has zero anti-microbial properties. In the post-coronavirus era, that won’t fly.

Surface spread certainly contributed to the current pandemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued strict hand-washing directions, due to the coronavirus’ ability to linger on some surfaces. Copper surfaces and copper plating could solve that problem.

One change, going forward, will be swapping brass for steel surfaces and microprinting copper on metal touch surfaces.

Hospitals don’t even need to do a whole overhaul of their countertops. A small Australian company, Spee3D, plans to 3D print copper onto metallic surfaces. Testing shows that just adding copper kills 96% of the COVID-19 virus in just two hours.

But this revolution isn’t the only spike in demand we’re going to see for copper. The green revolution and electric vehicles (EVs) are on the horizon. And they’re going to bring a wave of copper demand with them…

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