This Is Who I Get MY Stock Advice From

When you don’t know how to play something, here’s where you look…

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Anyone who follows The Outsider Club knows that I'm not a resource guy. 

My trading service, The Wealth Warrior, focuses instead on the defense and security sectors. 

I'm talking about companies that make fighter jets, drones, laser weapons, rocket engines, and advanced AI. 

Nevertheless, even I knew something big was on the horizon for gold. 

Here's what I told subscribers back in September 2019:

“We’re clearly heading into a sluggish, if not recessionary, environment. Stocks have been faltering, and we’re long overdue for a bear market. Gold, obviously, is the quintessential safe-haven investment. Similarly, as the global and U.S. economies begin to falter, we’ve re-entered a period of loose monetary policy.”

I also warned of the major, long-term threats to the dollar's viability, concluding: “Frankly, I don’t even know if the dollar [will] survive at all in its current form. And THAT more than anything else is the reason investors ought to own gold — not just contracts or stock, but physical, hold-it-in-your-hand gold.”

Clearly, I knew something was up. 

There was just one problem, though: I didn't know quite how to play it. This is a stock trading service and I didn't have a stock.

Like I just told you, I'm not a resource guy or mining expert. 

But I know a guy who is…

Gerardo Del Real. 

As the editor of both Junior Mining Monthly and Junior Mining Trader, Gerardo eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff. 

And he has delivered massive gains in the mining sector — the kinds of gains that turn people into millionaires overnight.

So in March, when COVID first started to wreak havoc on our economy, when the government and central banks were about to announce trillions of dollars in relief, when gold prices were set to rocket into space…

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