The Weather Tech Startup You’ve Got to See to Believe

The firm claims it has 500 million weather sensors at your fingertips…

A new weather startup called ClimaCell uses cell phone signals and street cameras to predict the weather better than anyone else, it says.

By tapping into millions of signals from cell phones and analyzing images from street cameras, the service claims it offers a weather forecasting service that is as much as 60% more accurate than those of existing providers such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Weather Science That Works

Those are pretty hefty claims, but the science behind them works. Radar signals are used by other forecasters while ClimaCell taps into those as well but further complements its service with signals from millions of wireless devices.

Now, the firm is working on a new mathematical model that converts cell phone observations into weather data that can be used in a simulation. The model can be adapted to focus on the region, the type of weather, and the frequency of updates a subscriber wants.

The company's motto is “same weather, different forecast.” Its webpage touts that it has “500 million weather sensors at your fingertips.”

The firm claims its vision is to map all of the weather data in the world. And it has the team to back it up… Full story at Interesting Engineering


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