The Top 8 Penny Stocks to Buy for August

Risky, with a high chance of profits…

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Folks, the disconnect is real. Ordinarily, if the federal government decided to turn its back on the American people, you’d expect massive chaos to filter up into every sector of society. While you see some protests on the streets, Wall Street fat cats are having a jolly good time. So is seemingly everyone else that hasn’t had their lives destroyed. I wouldn’t fight it. Instead, you might want to consider some penny stocks to buy.

Here’s the deal — we’re in an unbalanced world where stocks are up, gold is up and left-for-dead pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are suddenly the toast of town. In the meantime, millions of Americans face eviction as relief programs and moratorium have expired.

Clearly, we’re in a new normal for the investment markets. According to NPR, GDP “shrank at an annual rate of 32.9% in the second quarter.” Not surprisingly, this is the worst recorded economic contraction in U.S. history. Bizarrely, though, Wall Street is still holding out hope for an eleventh-hour save. But while we’re in this crazy zone, penny stocks levered to a believable narrative could fly higher.

A few pointers though. These are incredibly risky propositions. Don’t think of them as investments, but rather pulls on the slot machine. Typically, people go to Las Vegas to have fun. If they win some money, great. If not, whatever. That’s the attitude you’ll need for these eight penny stocks to buy…

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