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As novel coronavirus cases soar to ungodly heights, one cannot help but feel incredibly pessimistic about the near-term outlook. Say what you want, you can’t have a vibrant economy with hospitals stuffed to the hilt with pandemic patients. But not all companies are feeling the heat. Take Shopify (NYSE:SHOP). After a robust earnings report, the e-commerce platform pulled out record holiday sales, apparently justifying the rich premium of Shopify stock.

Indeed, it’s truly an unenviable task to find holes in SHOP’s bullish narrative. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the burgeoning e-commerce player generated $5.1 billion in sales. Over the same period in 2019, the company rang up $2.9 billion, representing a 76% year-over-year lift. Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify, described this as a “transformative year for commerce globally,” and that’s not surprising due to e-commerce’s presence widening:

More than 44 million shoppers worldwide bought merchandise from Shopify’s independent and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, a 50 percent increase over last year, the release stated. People spent an average of $93 per order in the U.S.; shoppers in Japan spent $106; Australia, $106; and Canada, $103. Cities logging the most sales were New York, Los Angeles and London. Countries with top sales were the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Moreover, these results followed the company’s impressive third-quarter earnings report, which saw SHOP deliver total revenue of $767.4 million, up 96% over the year-ago quarter. Further, gross merchandise volume was $30.9 billion, up 109% from Q3 2019.

Clearly, SHOP has been the go-to platform for pandemic shopping, providing confidence that Shopify stock at four digits can be trusted.

Thus, in a counterintuitive manner, rising cases of the coronavirus could be a benefit to the e-commerce firm. With powerhouse states like California imposing restrictive measures, brick-and-mortar shopping is dead. However, the online format gets a free organic marketing opportunity, which should be a net positive for Shopify stock…

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