The Gold-Buying Impulse Just Got Triggered … Again

Gold’s rally isn’t over yet – not by a long shot…

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Investors rarely buy gold because they want to. They buy it because they have to.

We have entered one of those rare episodes. Gold has become such a compelling trade in the current environment that it is difficult to walk away from it.

We have to buy it.

Obviously, no investor must buy anything. All trades and investments are optional, including this one. Gold, in particular, is an optional trade because its success or failure relies on a quirky combination of monetary trends and mob psychology.

The metal doesn’t produce products or earnings. It will never design a new iPhone app or a revolutionary biotech treatment. It just sits there like a diva, basking in adoration from its fans.

That said, gold occasionally offers great, if not spectacular, trading opportunities.

I will go out on a limb — way out — to predict that the gold market is currently offering one such opportunity … and not just for one reason.

But for many reasons…

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Dump America's Most Popular Brand Now

During times of great volatility, investors often cling to what they’re familiar with… including the stocks of companies they know best.

Fear and conventional wisdom push people to the biggest brands.

But what if I told you that America’s top stock picker — a man with 40 recommendations that have gained at least 1,000% in his career — believes that America’s most popular brand is a “must sell” right now?

That’s exactly what Eric Fry is saying…

Because this giant of the past was doomed with or without the fear of a pandemic.  Eric believes it’s one of 25 big-name stocks that are going to experience hard times, even if a coronavirus cure is found tomorrow.

And, remember, Eric is the legendary trader that accurately predicted the collapse of more than 70 stocks. That includes Cisco (fell 75% in a year after his prediction), Tyco (fell 74% in the year after his prediction), and Countrywide Financial (fell 87% in the two years after his prediction).

Instead, Eric believes anyone with money in the market should focus on four companies that are in position right now to help people capture huge market gains.

You probably haven’t heard of a single one of these firms…

But you will.

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