New Gold Highs Are On the Way. Here’s Why…

There’s only one asset that can’t be inflated away…

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These are interesting times. Over 30 million people have filed for unemployment and governments around the world are scrambling to fight off a deflationary collapse.

The good news is gold is in a clear bull market which will allow you the luxury — with a little work — to read through my ideas, decide why you agree or disagree, do some research of your own, and either follow the guidance or make some picks of your own.

The basics when evaluating a company aren’t changing. 

Share structure from inception (who owns what and at what price point, are all shares reporting, etc), people, then projects.

The share structure will often tell you a lot about the people and how they treat and view shareholders.

In the bull market we are entering and the low baseline the past few years have granted us, you’ll be able to make your own picks and likely do very well.

In a brutal bear market — like the one we’re coming out of — the most connected, hard-working stock pickers can find a way to lose money.

In a bull market like the one that we’re entering it is still a stock picker’s game but it becomes more of a choice of how you want to make your money.

Explorers? Developers? Producers? When things start really heating up it’ll be like buying the major U.S. indices over the past decade or so.

Ditto for uranium, just on steroids.

But those real highs in the gold price — as I warned last year — come with a lot of volatility. Paradigm shift-type of volatility.

The trillions in stimulus is just getting started. The collapse in state tax revenue is going to create a powder keg of circumstances that have ramifications much more significant than whether the price of gold makes new real highs and your favorite gold stock triples or quadruples.

States are mandated to balance their budgets, the federal government is not. 

Most states have done as good a job having rainy day funds as the average American consumer, which is to say they don’t exist. Most states are also very aware this is the situation they are faced with and it is undoubtedly playing into how quickly or not states reopen for business. Not an opinion, just a fact.

jmm april 2020 image 6

Here in Texas, where I reside, we can survive approximately 70 days operating on the reserve fund while lockdowns are lifted and tax receipts start trickling back in.

Illinois could run for, wait for it, less than a minute. $8 billion in unpaid bills at 12% interest will do that.

Which brings me to an asset you can’t just add a zero to or print up on a whim…

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The world’s secret gold reserves (and how you can score huge profits)

With all the unrest on financial markets in recent times. Trade wars, U.S. elections, a potential global recession, and hyper-volatility caused by the coronavirus panic…

Most pundits expect to see gold prices soar, much like they did in the wake of the 2008 crisis. Gold has already streaked up 22% since the start of this year. Pundits are expecting it to climb to $5,000 per ounce and legendary investor Jim Rickards is even calling for $10,000!

But where do you find most of the gold in the world?

It’s actually stored away deep underground… not in bank vaults or in Fort Knox like you might think. No, it’s literally still in the ground, waiting to be extracted.

Here’s the big secret that so far only the insiders and elite have known about…

You can invest in this Tier 2 gold right now, for as low as $8.10 per ounce… a LOT cheaper than the current spot price of $1,600+

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