Catch the Next Hot Pot Stock Before It ‘Jumps’

Once marijuana stocks begin listing on the big boy exchanges, all bets are off

Twice in one week!

I was expecting breakthrough announcements in marijuana stocks, but I can’t say I expected two within five days. You could say I’m “jumping for joy,” but more accurately, my readers and I are “jumping for profits.”

Big profits.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a series of articles about how you can get rich from a rare market anomaly. Simply put, you can make a lot of money in stocks that trade on minor stock exchanges and then “jump” to a major exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq or the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in Canada.

Your $50 Ticket to the “$100 Billion Pot Stock Bonanza”

Jumping to a major exchange transforms a stock. It provides instant credibility, opens the stock up to big institutional money and results in more analyst coverage.

When it comes to legal marijuana, the opportunity is magnified because these are high-growth companies in the fastest-growing industry in America. The legal marijuana industry is set to grow 10-fold over the coming decade, creating massive new markets and stock winners.

That includes what I call Jumper Stocks. And just this week, we’ve had two big jumper developments. OrganiGram (NASDAQ:OGI) shares began trading on the Nasdaq, and The Flowr Corporation (OTCMKTS:FLWPF) just received approval to debut on that exchange in the near future. It made a nice move Friday on higher-than-average volume after the news.

That’s just the beginning for OrganiGram, Flowr and other Jumper Stocks I’ve recommended — including a brand new one just yesterday.

A few weeks ago I gave you some examples of the kind of profits we’re talking about. Like Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON), which was the first big jumper. Shares began trading on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange in 2016 and then uplisted, debuting on the Nasdaq in February 2018. In July 2016, the stock traded for 25 cents a share. By January of this year, it had soared to $25.10.

That’s a nearly 10,000% return in two-and-half years! For the whole story go to