Is Apple About to Kill Its iPhone?

They’ve done it before, when they have a better replacement…

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Do you consider Apple to be a vulnerable company?

The technology juggernaut carries the largest market capitalization in history — $1.6 trillion.

Its App Store alone creates nearly three times the revenue of Visa, and roughly the same amount as Target.

It owns 20% of the global smartphone market, yet banks 92% of the entire market’s profits.

Its products are nicely diversified across smartphones, tablets, watches, desktops, laptops, wearables and subscription services.

It has over $100 billion in cash on its balance sheet.

It spends $17 billion on research and development each year — five times the annual sales of Domino’s Pizza, of which Americans eat a ton.

Pre COVID-19, Apple stores were attracting a million vistors per day, whereas Disney’s Magic Kingdom draws only 20 million in an entire year.

It’s easier to get into an Ivy League college than get a job at Apple.

Forbes ranks Apple as the world’s most valuable brand.

Apple’s iconic logo was once valued at $154 billion — more than the entire net worth of Netflix.

Apple ranks first among brands with the strongest bond to users… Amazon and Disney run second and third.

For 13 years in a row, Apple has sat atop Fortune’s list of most admired companies in the world.

Yet my original question still stands….

Can a company with such a pristine resume… deep experience… a revolutionary level of engineering… and an impressive history of imagining the future actually be vulnerable?

The obvious answer is (drumroll, please)…

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