How I Made Six Figures on a Single Gold Stock

The bull market in gold is far from over…

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I got an email from Gerardo in June of last year:

I’ve held off on sending out an update on gold because I wanted to be sure that the weekly closing last week held the $1,383 level which was resistance.

The yellow metal passed that test with flying colors, bursting through the $1,400 level and trading at $1,415/oz. as I write this.

…we now have the energy and volatility we need for the new gold bull market.

He advised buying an up-and-coming gold miner named Magna Gold (TSX-V: MGR)(OTC: MGLQF), saying:

Drills will be turning shortly and I expect excellent results coinciding with a rising gold price creating the perfect trade opportunity.

He continued to advise buying shares over the next few months ahead of several catalysts the company had lined up.

At the time you could buy all the Magna Gold shares you wanted in the 20- to 25-cent range. 

If you listened to Gerardo, you know how that turned out.

Gold certainly did have the energy and volatility needed for a new bull market. Prices are now at record highs over $1,900 per ounce and have been over $2,000. 

And Magna Gold certainly was the perfect trade opportunity. 

Shares stair-stepped all the way to $1.89 as the company executed and gold moved ever-higher — just as Gerardo told me it would. 

Magna Gold Chart

But he didn’t just tell me…

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