A huge July 29th event is set to make this penny stock blow.

There are a hundred hot penny stocks shredding up the markets in July 2018.

Here are the best “moonshots” capable of asymmetric returns and actually worthy of your investment dollars right now.

This first recommendation is a micro-micro-cap with the single most exciting product line I’ve seen this decade. Get ready to see this name everywhere.

BioElectronics Corp. (OTC: BIEL) is a Maryland-based biotech firm that’s patented an ingenious solution for chronic and acute pain. It represents a quantum leap forward in pain management… is simple to use… and solves one of the biggest problems in medicine today…

And it costs the patient just about a dollar a day.

No drugs, no invasive surgeries or implants. Just a tiny device.

I’ll be honest. To me it sounded at first like one of those snake oil promotions, which is why I shelled out $5 to order the product myself and give it a try. (It’s been FDA approved for over-the-counter use for knee osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis since 2017, with more exciting FDA news shortly to come.)

What BioElectronics has made is a tiny battery-operated patch with a loop you situate over the area of your body causing pain. The ActiPatch® weighs 8 grams and feels like… nothing. You can turn it on and off as much as you like. It’s perfectly safe to keep it running all 24 hours of the day, sleep with it on, whatever.

Another great thing is that there are no drug interactions or counter indications. It’s safe for diabetics, the elderly, folks with pacemakers… The worst side effect is a little skin irritation.

No wonder the company has picked up awards for Innovation in Technology from The Wall Street Journal and OTC Bulletin.

It uses a technology called electroceutical neuromodulation. In plain English, they use an electric pulse to dampen how your brain registers pain.

Scientists have actually been exploring this idea as far back as 1982, and there are a couple dozen published studies proving the efficacy. But even more impressive are the thousands of customer testimonials about changed lives and increased well-being and healing. I encourage you to look those up. They speak volumes. Here's the Amazon listing reviews, so you know they're straight from the consumer.

“I am pain free and amazed!!”

“My movement is restored to the point that I feel like a kid again.”

“Product is a godsend.”

And they’ve just barely touched the potential market.

See, BioElectronics has expanded its tech into a number of related products that make its market reach virtually limitless. Take a look at this.

  • Smart Insole™ fits inside the shoe or footwrap and provides day and night relief for plantar fasciitis and heel injuries.
  • Allay® is for menstrual pain therapy. A you can wear continuously for 5 days. 77.1% of women reported complete elimination or significant reduction of typical symptoms in a clinical study.
  • RecoveryRX® is for postop recovery and wound care. Big hospital market there.
  • HealFast® is for animals, believe it or not. It’s recommended for injured or aging pets, as well as for horses under veterinary care. One thing we know about human nature is they’ll do anything for their beloved pets. Heck, I’d shell out $30 to give my German shepherd Samson some relief from his hip dysplasia pain.

Because it’s not just about reducing pain…

This technology is also capable of reducing swelling and bruising, improving quality of newly formed skin, and reducing risk of infection.

In February 2017, BioElectronics received FDA clearance to market its products over-the-counter, cutting out the need for lobbying, doctor education, and insurance battle.

And in May 2018, it convened a special meeting with the FDA to ask for expanded indications for post-surgical use and… a MASSIVE market… muscle pain.

And it's not stopping there.

So here’s BIEL is my top pick for July 2018.

  1. The number of uses is without limit. Their pipeline is packed with new treatments for bone fractures, skin conditions, and arthritis. This could go mainstream in any number of ways, and there will be no stopping it.
  2. It’s exactly the right moment. Consider the rampant opioid crisis in this country. Addiction and overdose are responsible for one death every nine minutes in America, not to mention hundreds of thousands of ruined lives. Folks are increasingly unwilling to pop addictive, ineffective pills, and the government is scrambling to figure out a solution. BioElectronics has very smartly aligned itself with this cause, recently announcing “a drug-free solution to the opioid crisis” – built by a small American company, no less. What a story. The news coverage on this is ramping up, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big-name partnerships ahead for BioElectronics Corp.
  3. The intellectual property alone is worth billions. All the patents are secured – at least six at last count. Big Pharma will be very interested in those. So will corporate partners. (I've heard rumors of a partnership with Dr. Scholl's and Bayer. Nothing confirmed yet. But I don't need to tell you how huge that news would be for a half-penny stock.)

There are risks for investors, of course. The balance sheet is pathetic, as you would expect from an early-stage tech company like this, and sales are surprisingly slow. Trailing 12 month revenue is just $1.7 million. They don't seem to have worked out a good distribution model. That's concerning.

Plus, this is a whopping $60 million market cap with 18 BILLION shares outstanding. Dicey territory. The stock is less than a penny per share, and I’m not thrilled about the volatility (beta is over 5 as I write this).

But you won’t run into liquidity problems, typically one of the tougher things about penny stock trading. Average volume is 62 million.

Found something great (and free) here… If you’re interested in checking out this product for yourself – I surely was – you can get a sample ActiPatch® to with 24 hours worth of pain-reliving juice. Click on this link to go there. And I can’t guarantee this will last, but as of June 2018 I was able to get one totally free with promo code NOPAIN2017.

Stock Ticker Market Cap Price per Share
(May 2018)
52-Week Range
BioElectronics Corp. OTC: BIEL $1.06 billion 0.37 cents 0.005-0.5 cents

Penny Stock Runner-Up

This summer will be a very exciting time for marijuana investors. Now that Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has introduced Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, the profit potential is about to go absolutely nuclear.

This act legalizes medicinal and recreational marijuana throughout Canada. It’s on track to be implemented this summer.

And, practically overnight, a $400 million market will become a $22 BILLION dollar market, according to Deloitte.

Small stocks are the perfect way to play this. But with over 200 listed, you’ve got to do it smart. That’s why I like this little stock so much.

Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) is a remarkable holding company based in Toronto but listed on the Nasdaq – in fact, earning the distinction of becoming the first Nasdaq-listed pot company earlier this year. (Most of the rest are still toiling away on the Pink Sheets – a tough place for a little company to get traction in the public markets.)

It’s not the biggest pot company in the world. At $1.56 billion, it’s not even the biggest one in Canada.

And it isn’t tiptoeing around the edges with picks and shovels…

It’s down there in the mud with the growers, where the serious profits will be when demand explodes overnight this summer.

And its production capacity is expanding FAST.

Cronos’ main facility Peace Naturals is situated on 95 acres in Ontario, where it’s just completed upgrades to buildings and has confirmed it’s on track to complete a massive new building. It also works out of British Columbia through its subsidiary Original BC, which has 31 gorgeous acres.

Medical marijuana, smokeables, oils, they’ve got it all.

Total projected annual capacity is 40,000 kg by 2019.

But it’s Cronos’ clear plans for global domination that earned it the title in my book.

  • Owning the German Pharmaceutical Circuit: Cronos already has an exclusive five-year supply agreement through G. Pohl-Boskamp to its 12,000 pharmacies across Germany – currently the largest legal cannabis market in the world. This company has been around since 1835 and is a major force in Europe. Look for this partnership to expand.
  • MedMen Canada: They’ve joined forces with the largest retail cannabis chain in California, called MedMen, to open stores and launch co-branded products across Canada. This looks like a very keen move. Speed will be key when Canada fires the starting pistol. Why not leverage the experience of someone who’s just pulled it off?
  • Cronos Israel: It’s solidified a joint venture with an established Israeli agri-collective to produce and distribute medical cannabis. The climate there is favorable, the workforce is skilled… and its partner already exports to 35 countries in Europe and Asia.
  • Cronos Australia: They own a 50% interest in a Down Under JV. First up: Construction plans for a 20,000-sq.-ft. indoor facility capable of producing 2,000 kg every year.

Cronos has been lining up these lucrative deals and knocking them down. Management is really doing its job.

Besides making friends in all the right places, Cronos is gobbling up with strategic acquisitions

It owns 21.5% of Whistler Medical Marijuana Co. (WMMC), a British Columbia-based grower and vender that prides itself on organic production. Whistler also sells live plants and “strain starter kits” for $750 each.

Additionally, Cronos owns 6% of ABcann Global Corp. (OTC: ABCCF), a medical-grade grower in Ontario, and 2% of Hydropothecary Corp. (OTC: HYYDF), which remains the ONLY firm authorized to produce cannabis in the province of Quebec. Monopoly is a beautiful thing.

Stock Ticker Market Cap Price per Share
(May 30, 2018)
52-Week Range
Cronos Group Inc. Nasdaq: CRON $1.06 billion $6.03 $5.12-$10.39


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