Gold’s Secret is Out

Gold’s moment in the sun is nearly here…

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Gold’s moment in the sun is nearly here.

While uncertainty continues causing spikes and drops in the broader market, gold is continuing its climb higher. 

While mass sell-offs followed by short-lived valleys continue to give investors in the NASDAQ and S&P 500 mild panic attacks, gold investors have been able to breathe much more easily with the yellow metal’s more stable changes in price. 

Any recent upswings in the broader market have largely been due to tech stocks. Here, it’s the usual suspects like Apple, Facebook, and Google that are dragging everyone else along for the ride up. 

But even in that sector, we’ve seen that not everything is clear skies and smooth sailing. 

Tesla lost something like a fifth of its value earlier this week. Though it’s slowly clawing its way back, it’s still viewed as being on shaky ground and is no longer the market darling it was. 

That’s just one stock, of course, but it goes without saying that it could happen to any company in this market where barely anything makes sense anymore. 

And it’s in that murky future that gold is only growing stronger…

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