Gold’s Multiplying Effect Comes Roaring Back

Depending on which gold ticker you pick, you could be leaving a lot of profit on the table…

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Let me show you something a lot of people don't understand about the gold sector.

It'll perfectly illustrate how the market is handing us a fantastic opportunity.

It is profoundly easy to make more money off the same basic trend just by picking the right ticker.

Right now, it means the difference between being up 30% or up 46%. And that is just with ETFs.

This is the gold multiplier effect and it is back in play after a long hiatus.

We can use a year-to-date chart to see this multiplier effect in action.

While gold prices — represented by GLD, though it is trailing spot gold prices by about 1.5% — are up 30% over the last year, gold miners both large — represented by GDX — and small — represented by GDXJ — are up about 46%.

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So what gives? Why the split between the price of gold and companies that are almost solely dependent on the price of gold for revenues?

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