Go Buy Gold

Let’s take a look at why gold is set to go even higher from here…

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Gold is going to $1,790 (that’s from UBS) …

Gold is going to $1,900 (from TD Securities) …

Gold is going to $3,000 (from Bank of America) …

Though the price-targets vary, nearly all the big-bank analysts agree on one thing today …

Gold is headed higher.

Now, a skeptical investor might say “wait, oil prices have plummeted. Consumers have been locked inside not spending money. Even when we re-open the economy, it will be a staged comeback, which means half-speed. All of that is deflationary. And isn’t deflation bad for gold prices?”

To that, another investor might say, “deflation? The Fed just threw $6 trillion in new dollars at the economy! We’re about to suffer hyperinflation so these gold price targets are way too low!”

Both investors have a point.

Today, let’s discuss this and more. But I’ll offer you the takeaway ahead of time …

It’s very likely gold is headed higher — potentially much higher (though don’t expect it to be in a straight line).

In today’s Digest, we’ll look at why this is from three perspectives: 1) what’s here now, 2) what’s coming tomorrow, and 3) what we hope never comes.

Let’s jump in …

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