Get Ready for Gold’s Hyper-Bull Market

Gold is set for a hyper bull market never seen before…

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Gold is set to experience one of the greatest and most powerful bull markets in history.

Forget the run-up in gold prices back in 2011. We called that a “bull market” back then. But what's coming will make the 2011 gold rally look minor in comparison.

And forget the gold bull market of the 1970s. Although it's often hailed as the greatest bull market for gold ever, the 1970s gold bull market will become secondary to what's about to come next.

I'm not even sure calling gold's next move a “bull market” will suffice in describing price increases. What's coming next might be better described as a “hyper-bull market.”

We're talking about an event for gold that will be studied by future economists, argued by future academics, and honored by future gold bugs.

It will disrupt monetary and fiscal policy. And it will make fundamental changes to global economies.

It will change perceptions of fiat money. And it will force currency revaluations.

It will completely bankrupt some. And it will make others insanely rich.

But you'll only have one chance to take part in this bull market –– one very brief chance, with the window of opportunity, quickly closing as we speak. And, believe me, this is not an opportunity you're going to want to miss.

Right now the price of gold is trading at just under $1,800 an ounce. But I'm going to show you today exactly why and how gold is aiming for $5,000, maybe even $10,000 an ounce in the very near future…

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To your wealth,

Gerardo Del Real

Editor, Junior Mining Monthly