Forget Apple and Tesla — This Sector Holds the Biggest Winners

It’s a smaller company that’s beating Apple in total returns about five times over…

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Right now, a new word defines the market. It’s FOMO, the fear of missing out.

Investors have it, and that’s why we see the same big stock names reaching new highs day after day.

The expression dates back to 2000, when traders were chasing internet stocks because they feared missing out on potential gains.

We see this kind of market every few years. In fact, this type of environment existed before the acronym as we know it.

Investor FOMO can be traced back to at least 1636, when traders entered a buying frenzy for tulip bulbs that led to a bubble. In FOMO markets, investors target short-term gains.

Currently, FOMO traders are buying stocks in Apple and Tesla. They’ve scored big moves since the stocks bottomed in March. And they also show great long-term gains.

Since Apple started trading in 1982, it has delivered an average annual return of about 20%. Its market cap grew from $1.2 billion to almost $2 trillion over that time.

It did even better in the past 27 years. Apple delivered average annual gains of 25.9%. However, it may surprise you to know that some companies did even better.

Today, I reveal a drinkmaker that gained an average of 30.4% a year over that time…

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