Why The Blockchain Could Be Bigger Than the Internet

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“The blockchain” is an undeniably ingenious invention – it’s the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible.

In fact, it’s even being hailed by some as the most significant invention since the Internet.

While most financial analysts waste time trying to guess which cryptocurrencies might go up or down, Silicon Valley is racing to apply the technology to new industries.

Already many of the world’s largest companies including IBM, Google, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are racing to take various blockchain backed products to market.

And the CEO of NASDAQ has gone as far as calling it “The biggest opportunity we can think of over the next decade.”

In a recent tell-all video, renowned Silicon Valley investor Jeff Brown explains exactly how the new technology works, and why he thinks it’s the most important investment of the next decade.

Brown has also put together a detailed report on exactly which of the dozens of blockchain companies are worth investing in.

He’s giving the report away for free with a new subscription to his investment advisory service.

To see his full-length presentation and learn how to access the report simply click here.