5 TaaS Stocks to Buy Today (Including Ticker Symbols)

Companies that are going to create new multi-millionaires over the next decade…

In December 2008, legendary investor Whitney Tilson explained to 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley that there would be a second wave of the U.S. mortgage crisis, but nevertheless the stock market would soar.

Soon after… stocks started the biggest bull market run in U.S. history.

Then, in March 2015, Tilson appeared again on 60 Minutes, this time with Anderson Cooper, and revealed a huge scandal at one of America's largest home-improvement companies, Lumber Liquidators.

Soon after, the company's stock price fell nearly 80%.

And that brings us today…

Whitney Tilson – one of the most famous former hedge fund managers in America, who's appeared numerous times on national television to explain major financial news stories – is stepping forward again…

But this time, he's not waiting to go on TV.

What is TaaS?

The technology I want to tell you about today is known in Silicon Valley and Manhattan as “TaaS,” and if you've never heard of it, you soon will!

TaaS stands for “Transportation-as-a-Service.”

And while it might not sound like a very high-tech name, it's possible only because of the convergence of dozens of new incredible technologies, including two big new technologies in particular. I believe it could completely transform our daily lives.

When you pair EVs with another disruptive technology – self-driving vehicles, controlled by very powerful computers – it could be completely transformative.

TaaS will essentially mean a fleet of electric, autonomous cars that can go 500+ miles without charging… and over 100,000+ miles a year, with little maintenance.

Just for starters…

  • It will dramatically change the value of homes and real estate all over the country.
  • It will eventually put an estimated $5,600 back into the hands of 93% of U.S. families every year.
  • It will dramatically change the value of your car. For most people, this is a big deal because cars are most people's second biggest purchases (after housing).
  • TaaS will also likely result in the collapse of oil prices.
  • It will radically change the tax structure of almost every city and small town in America. That's because estimates show that Chicago, for example, will lose at least $250 million in revenue because of TaaS. Los Angeles will lose more than $140 million. New York will lose a half-billion dollars… every single year!
  • TaaS will also radically change the insurance industry and the health care industry, saving millions of lives. In fact, at the end of the day, TaaS might be the biggest medical innovation in decades, even though it has nothing to do with pills or new equipment.
  • And it's already starting to make some people a lot of money. In one recent 6-month stretch, for example, a group of 20 companies in this space soared an AVERAGE of 570%… with some of these firms soaring an extraordinary 1,000% or more.

But don't worry… I believe there are still extraordinary gains yet to come. The rollout of this technology is just getting started. And I'm willing to bet almost anything that you've never even heard of 99% of the companies in this space.

TaaS Companies & Stocks

1. Waymo (GOOGL)

Waymo is owned by Alphabet, which is also the parent company of Google.

Waymo has driven more autonomous miles than anyone else in the real world – more than 20 million miles as of today. Look at this chart…

As I mentioned earlier, Waymo has already launched an autonomous vehicle ride-hailing service in Arizona, called Waymo One.

And to expand its services, Waymo has purchased up to 62,000 self-driving Chrysler minivans. They are also working with Jaguar to build up to 20,000 self-driving SUVs. And in the fall of 2020, Waymo partnered with Daimler Trucks, the market leader in large commercial vehicles, to make fully autonomous trucks.

Morgan Stanley values Waymo at more than $100 billion. Based on my analysis, I think Waymo could be spun out of Alphabet and become its own company.

2. Nikola (NKLA)

The Nikola Motor Company is a key supplier, designer, and manufacturer of electric vehicle components, drivetrains, vehicles and more. Most notably, they are known for their electric semi trucks you may have seen around the internet.

At the time of this writing, they are already up by more than 106% and poised to bounce higher.

3. Workhorse (WKHS)

This company, Workhorse Group Inc, is an American manufacturing company out of Ohio that is currently focused on manufacturing electrically powered delivery and utility vehicles.

Their potential is huge. Think about how many mail trucks are on the roads today, garbage trucks, utility vehicles…

4. Blink Charging (BLNK)

Blink is a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and networked EV services.

They are a proprietary cloud-based software that operates, maintains, and tracks all the Blink EV charging stations and the associated data.

Already, they have thousands of EV chargers deployed across the United States across numerous transit/destination locations, including airports, car dealers, healthcare/medical, hotels, mixed-use, municipal locations, multifamily residential and condo, parks and recreation areas, parking lots, and more.

5. NIO Limited (NIO)

NIO, Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, specializes in both developing and designing the electric vehicles that are hitting China's roads today.

In addition, they are pioneering the FIOA Formula E Championship, the first single-seater, all-electric racing series.

Think about how many cars are on Chinese roads today…

240 Million and steadily increasing… That's about how many adults live in the United States today. This companies addressable market is even greater than the amount of people in the US.

Other Key TaaS Investments

The best thing you can do as an investor is position yourself in front of a massive, inevitable, and booming trend.

One that looks like this…

I believe electric vehicles will soon account for more than half of the North American and European car markets – likely in fewer than five years.

And not long afterward, electric vehicles will likely account for the vast majority of new car sales in America. California and New Jersey have already passed laws banning gas-powered cars in the near future.

In my new report called The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom I'll give you all the details, including the name of this investment, the ticker symbol, and my instructions on how to get in at the best possible price. I'll tell you exactly what price to pay. By the way, our average annualized gain of all our stock recommendations in 2020 was 53.5%. That’s nearly twice the annualized returns of the S&P 500 index over the same period (which was 28.8%).

2 Key Technologies for Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are becoming a reality today because of a dramatic confluence of many technologies: computing power, cameras, sensors, laser range finders (called LiDAR), GPS, and artificial intelligence software, just to name a few.

But my team and I believe there are two companies responsible for by far the most “critical components” for the best self-driving cars.

The first company makes the most technologically advanced “brain” and “nervous system” for autonomous vehicles. This firm has already partnered with many of the leading companies in this space, including BMW, Hyundai, Audi, Intel, and Lyft, just to name a few.

This technology helped complete the longest automated drive ever… from San Francisco to New York City… and was selected by one national government to be the technology behind a country's autonomous taxis set to hit the road in 2022.

This stock is a strong buy in my opinion today – and I recommend you take a stake. But as I've said repeatedly: There are no guarantees. And don't risk investing any money you aren't willing to lose. But I do strongly believe you could do very well with this investment over the next few years.

The other key technology you want to own in the driverless technology space is the company that provides the computing power for many of today's driverless vehicles.

This is critical for EVERY autonomous vehicle.

In my new report, called: The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today, I'll explain everything you need to know.

You know, I think it's possible that these investment recommendations could become among the most profitable of my career. But as I've said – all investing carries substantial risks… and these recommendations are no different. Last year, in 2020, the average annualized gain of all our stock recommendations was 53.5, nearly twice the annualized returns of the S&P 500 index over the same period (28.8%).

One Small Speculation

There's one more TaaS investment my team uncovered recently, which we strongly recommend you make right away…

It's a small company you've almost certainly never heard of.

You'll have to take an extra step or two to buy it, but we think it will be well worth it.

In short: This company's technology is needed in ALL self-driving and autonomous cars… and right now this small company's materials are used in 20% of the entire global market.

If we're right about our projections, this company's revenue could quadruple over the next five years… and if that plays out as we expect, you will likely see a great return on your investment.

In recent months, the stock is up as high as 50%, but we think it has much higher to go.

And like I said, I would bet just about anything you've never heard of it. I'd never heard of it either, until my team brought it to my attention.

What's great is, this is a well-established, already profitable company… which happens to be in what my team of analysts believe is the exact right place at the exact right time… as its technological expertise is critical for electric and self-driving cars.

That's why we just put everything you need to know in a new Special Report called: The TaaS Speculation – How to Potentially Quadruple Your Money in the Next Few Years.

How to Get Started Right Away

OK, so I've told you about three Special Reports so far, which I want to send you right away:

  1. The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom
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Thanks for reading – I hope you'll give our work a no-risk, trial look, to see if it's right for you.

Best regards,

Whitney Tilson
March 2021

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