3 Tech Stocks to Buy After the Market Crash

In last week’s tech crash, these three stocks fell too far…

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The tech boom was nice while it lasted. And there’s no denying it lasted far longer than anyone could have hoped, particularly in the wake of a global pandemic. But as is the case with all melt-ups, gravity always has the last word. And now, we’re sifting through the rubble to identify which tech stocks are the best to buy.

As I write this Friday morning, The Nasdaq Composite is down another 3%, bringing its peak-to-trough drawdown to 8.2%. We’ve officially breached the 20-day moving average, and will likely see the 50-day before all is said and done. In case it wasn’t obvious, this dip is different than every other one seen since March. And because of its severity, I doubt we see as quick of a resumption in the overall uptrend.

Nonetheless, let’s look at this opportunistically. It’s giving you the chance to finally acquire some of the biggest winners on the planet at steep discounts. That said, I’ve scoured the tech wreck and found three pullbacks worth pouncing on…

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