3 Gold Investments That Will Add Bling to Your Portfolio

Protect your portfolio from the Fed’s systemic destruction of the dollar…

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This year has been challenging for the whole world largely thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But more broadly, the fight for regulators has been ongoing since the 2008 financial disaster. Since then, central banks have been playing the role of economic saviors.

Governments have been in one quantitative easing (QE) program after another. The process took a big turn for the extreme this year which will cause an inflation problem later.

However, owning gold stocks will help offset this devaluation of currency. Silver also is a viable alternative, so it can also help in that fight.

Scientists are hard at work trying to find vaccines for Covid-19, and they say they are close. Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Reserve has become more aggressive than ever in its QE efforts.

It is making available trillions of dollars so that the economic conditions don’t seize. Social distancing may ease the people’s worries, but it’s killing companies. People make the world go round and when they don’t move, things grind to a halt.

One of the side effects of loose money strategy is the devaluation of the currency. The simple gauge of this is with the frequent use of the term trillion. We now use it daily in general conversations. I remember when the TARP program dropped jaws and that wasn’t too long ago.

Now the government relief amounts are almost rounding errors in in comparison. The “skinny deal” they are now negotiating in the White House could be three times bigger than TARP. And that was to fix the worst financial disaster in history.

The bottom line is that governments are killing the value of money. Our strategy today is to shelter some wealth in assets that they don’t control…

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