3 Free Pandemic Plays for Quick Gains

Here are the top 3 pandemic plays for quick gains…

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The COVID-19 outbreak crashed the markets, sending stocks plunging 35% in less than a month.

However, it also created huge investment opportunities.

So, here are three of our experts’ top pandemic plays.

All of them have recently jumped 40% or more … and they could have much more upside ahead.

Quest Diagnostics Inc. (NYSE: DGX)

DGX is one of America’s largest clinical labs.

On Tuesday, the company started administering tests for COVID-19.

By mid-May, DGX expects to be able to perform over 200,000 COVID-19 tests per day.

That’s a big reason why the stock soared 45% in just three weeks.

DGX Is up 45% Since April 3

The pandemic crashed the markets, sending stocks plunging 35% in less than a month. However, it also created huge investment opportunities.

Brian Christopher recommended DGX in September. You can read about his pick here.

While DGX is a red-hot stock right now, Brian suggests a patient approach.

He says the company “doesn’t know the reimbursement rate for testing yet.

“Until we have more data, I would be cautious about allocating money to DGX right now.

“I believe Quest will be busy … we’ll just have to see how much it gets paid for its efforts.”

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$10 AI Stock Set to Soar

The audience sat in stunned silence.

That’s because tech expert Paul Mampilly ripped away the curtain on a new technology that experts are calling “one of the most significant discoveries since fire” and “the last innovation we’ll EVER need.”

When Paul Mampilly delivers a presentation recommending a specific stock, it pays to listen.

The last three times he did this, the stocks saw peak gains of 300%, 125% and 524%.

But as Paul made perfectly clear in his live “Tech Talk,” this innovation is bigger — much bigger — and those who get in during these early stages could amass a fortune greater than anything we’ve seen in human history.

I’ve attached a link for you to watch his presentation here.

During this presentation, Paul will reveal why this emerging tech industry is expected to surge from a $20 billion market to $15.7 trillion — a 76,000% increase.

He’ll demonstrate exactly why the world’s biggest businesses are reinventing their entire businesses to become the world leader in this tech.

And most importantly of all, he’ll reveal the little-known Midwestern company at the forefront of it all — and why the highest paid money manager on Wall Street has dumped nearly 20% of his entire portfolio into this ONE stock.

Never one to mince words, Paul says that buying this company now, while this technology is still in the early stages, could set you up for a multimillion dollar windfall in the years ahead.

But you need to act fast.

This industry is poised to go parabolic, and if you wait, you could miss out on the biggest money-making opportunity since the birth of the internet.

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