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Here Are Your “Good News” Profit Headlines of the Day


Finally, A Gold Investment Fund for the 21st Century

The World Gold Council is getting ready to shake up the $102 billion gold ETF game, and they have the clout to undercut their competitors on fees – reportedly by as much as 37% lower than GLD. If you're one of the millions who own gold ETF shares, check your holdings. And get ready for a shake-up that will benefit YOU.


New “Secret Fares” Can Save You Up to 35% on Airline Tickets

Last week, the mobile-only travel seller Hopper Inc. began offering “secret fares” from a half-dozen airlines, including Air Canada, at prices that could be as much as 35 percent below what the same carriers publish elsewhere. And what this says about the future of airline travel is pretty keen. Check it out – and learn how to download the app – here.


Free Stuff Alert | Enjoy 10 Free Issues of Popular Mechanics

Who doesn’t love Popular Mechanics? Right now you can get your fix of the classic magazine’s automotive, home, outdoors, science, and DIY ideas with a free one-year subscription.  Click here for to learn more, along with four other “brand freebies” we love right now.