You Call THAT a Recovery?!

Don’t believe the headlines – most stocks are doing horribly right now…

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The markets are up! The Nasdaq is up over 30% YTD. The S&P 500 is up nearly 10%. And the slow-moving Dow just popped back up into positive territory for the year.

YTD Index Gains

Calculating from the mid-March lows, those figures get even more impressive looking with the Nasdaq up 71%, the S&P up 56%, and the Dow up 54%.

March to Date Index Gains

If you were just looking at the indexes, you’d think we were pretty much recovered from the economic turmoil that sent us into a new recession and bear market.

But if you dig down into the actual stocks that make up those indexes and see which ones have been pulling the whole barge up the river, you start to wonder if we’re really recovering at all…

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