With Tech Stocks Falling Again, Avoid Silicon Valley’s ‘Fatal Flaw’…

It’s the number one problem facing so many tech darlings…

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If you lived in a reasonably large city in 2018, you witnessed an invasion.

Unlicensed, unregulated electric scooters flooded cities across the country, starting with the tech utopia of Silicon Valley.

Oftentimes, people in dense cities only have to make a short trip – less than a mile or so – to run an errand, meet someone, or get something else done. From the perspective of getting around a city, grabbing a scooter for a quick, cheap ride made sense.

But all of the competing scooter companies – like Bird, Lime, Scoot, Spin, and Jump – forgot about one thing in their business plans… People tend to be jerks.

If you've ever wondered how scooter companies left scooters on the street without losing them, the answer is that they didn't. The scooters got smashed, stolen, and damaged at an amazing rate.

Lots of folks who objected to the scooters even destroyed them out of spite. The Instagram account @BirdGraveyard features scooters thrown off parking garages, lit on fire with gasoline, toppled over like dominos, or hurled into the ocean.

As you can imagine, this was a major problem for the companies. But it isn't unique to scooters…

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