Why We’re on the Edge of an 18% Rally

We’ve already rallied over 20% from the March lows – but there’s more coming…

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Everyone wants to know where the stock market's headed next. The answer is hidden in plain sight.

It has to do with sentiment. And it's telling us that stocks are nearly certain to continue marching higher in the coming weeks.

Now, you may think of sentiment as “how the market feels.” But the truth of it is a lot more powerful.

Sentiment creates real pressure in the markets. And the more extreme it is, the more extreme the pressure.

Think about it this way…

If most investors are bearish, the market eventually runs out of sellers. At that point, buying demand starts to exceed selling pressure, and prices rise.

It may sound simple. But it's how markets work.

This fundamental relationship is exactly what we're seeing in the market today. Right now, investors are incredibly bearish… so bearish that the market is almost certain to go up.

Based on history, the market could climb another 18% from here. And the craziest part of it is… if you're feeling bearish, it only reinforces this idea.

Let me explain…

Sentiment is more powerful than most realize. It tells us if buyers or sellers are controlling the market.

When there are more buyers than sellers, the sellers get to set the prices… And they demand higher prices. When the sellers are in the majority, the buyers get to do the price-setting.

Right now, there are more bears in the market than usual. It's no surprise, given what has happened so far this year. But the massive negativity is actually a positive sign for the market.

One way to see it is from the American Association of Individual Investors (“AAII”), which surveys thousands of investors each week.

According to AAII, more than 50% of investors are bearish today. And bearish sentiment recently hit a high of 53%. This might not sound extreme, but it's only the third time in history we've seen a level that high. Take a look…

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