Why This “Bottom” Will Eventually Fall Out from Underneath Us

History shows why this isn’t the market bottom just yet…

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Things are somewhat looking up for the market today, with the Dow up over 5.5% at the moment.

After all of the doom and gloom over the last few weeks caused by the coronavirus outbreak, people are desperate for any good news, and investors are eager to find a floor to the market.

But it’s that bias that may be causing a Reality Gap between what people are hoping for in the market, and what is actually happening.

History can teach us a lot about how markets behave during similar crashes, and in today’s market update video, we’ll discuss what to expect. I’ll show you exactly why this data, in combination with the data about COVID-19 infections, should give us pause before declaring that we’ve hit bottom.

I’ll also be giving you my analysis on six different stocks – two which you should be avoiding like coronavirus, and four that are worth taking a look at right now.

Click the video to watch.

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