Why the Tech Stock Rally is Nowhere Near Finished

This one signal shows tech stocks will keep soaring…

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In all my time on Wall Street, there was one question I would get from other investors and traders that always irked me…

“So what do you think?”

As soon as someone asked me that question, I would answer with something generic like “It could go either way.” I did this because I came to realize that 95% of people on Wall Street don't actually care what you think… They just want you to hear what they think.

They would ask the question just to start the conversation so they could talk.

There's no shortage of opinions in this business. Yet thoughts and opinions are of little importance to me – it only matters what you do. This is a results-driven game – you win or lose in the markets by your actions.

But when I encountered this opinion about the tech markets recently, I decided to take a closer look…

Now, anyone who knows me well knows I don't read Wall Street research. It isn't that there isn't great info around – there absolutely is. But I know my strategy and what I do. And I don't want to be influenced by what other folks think.

I'm also not one to tell people they are wrong or insult what they think or do. There is not a soul on this planet who is right 100% of the time. The stock market humbles everyone at some point, so I'd rather not put negative energy toward a difference of opinion.

But every now and then a headline will catch my attention. And in late October, I saw a headline that did just that…

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