Why the GameStop Trade Isn’t Over Yet

Days later, neither Wall Street nor the Redditors have given up…

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The true players on both sides of the market equation continue to emerge as GameStop (NYSE:GME) takes center stage. The media, along with the hedge funds betting against GME stock, appear to want the gaming retailer to fail. That requires stockholders in Reddit’s subreddit, WallStreetBets, or WSB for short, losing money.

The bad news for the short-sellers is that most of the WSB gang are not looking for a profit. Sure, a few speculators saw GameStop’s 52-week high of $347.51. Comparing it to the recent price, they may bet that a squeeze will send the stock to the $1,000 range next.

That play is unlikely, although it is not impossible… Story continues here.


Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet: S.A.V

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Van Bryan

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