Why Starbucks Stock Will Soar Tomorrow

Thursday’s earnings report will start another Starbucks rally…

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Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is back in the black. After a decline that reached over 40% at March lows, Starbucks stock now is up 3% so far in 2020.

To some investors, the rally might not make much sense. After all, Starbucks has taken a big hit from the novel coronavirus pandemic, which closed stores worldwide and pressured traffic. There are long-term concerns as well.

But I’m not one of those investors. Indeed, I’ve recommended Starbucks stock since those dark days in March, and I’m not backing off that call now. Starbucks remains one of the world’s great consumer companies, and there’s simply a lot to like when it comes to SBUX stock.

With fiscal fourth quarter earnings arriving on Thursday morning, I expect more investors will come around to the long-term bull case here. And that means the rally in Starbucks stock likely is closer to the beginning than to the end.

The Case Against Starbucks Stock

Despite the big rally from March lows, Starbucks stock hasn’t had a great 2020. In fact, the stock has modestly underperformed the S&P 500.

There are reasons why an investor would expect that to be the case. Again, Starbucks took a hit from the pandemic. Stores were closed in China, the U.S., and Europe. Traffic has been weak even as locations have reopened. Revenue in the fiscal third quarter (which ended June 28) declined 38% year-over-year. Starbucks posted a significant operating loss in the quarter, even on an adjusted basis.

The worries aren’t just short-term, either. “Work from home” seems like a significant long-term effect of the pandemic. Presumably, some consumers that stopped at Starbucks on their way to (or from) the office no longer will do so.

Then there’s valuation. Starbucks stock trades at 33x forward earnings. That’s an above-market multiple for a stock that seems to have a few very real risks.

Surely, the rally in SBUX has to be near an end, right?

Not so fast…

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