Why Now is the Time to Buy Blockchain 2.0

This year’s rally is nothing – 2021 will see a huge inflow of of money into crypto…

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When Charles Dow published the world’s first stock index on July 3, 1884, he probably had little to no idea what he had just started.

The Dow Jones Transportation Index consisted of 11 stocks, nine of which were railroads.

He wasn’t quite done either. Eleven years later, he started the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is still reported every night on the news 125 years later.

Today, indexes are a must for any serious investor. There are approximately 5,000 of them, and then there are mutual funds and exchange-traded funds based on those indexes.

There are a few more coming in 2021 And trust me, they aren’t your typical indexes.

But the potential returns aren’t typical either …

If you’re a regular MoneyWire reader, you may not be surprised by the latest indexes that were just announced. But the rest of the investment world is taking notice.

S&P Dow Jones, a descendant of Charles Dow’s company, announced on Thursday that it will join forces with a couple of other companies to begin cryptocurrency indexes next year.

We’ve talked about the big institutional money flowing into bitcoin and driving it to record highs, but S&P Dow Jones starting crypto indexes pretty much seals the deal.

Cryptos, say hello to Wall Street.

Wall Street, meet cryptos…

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