Why Coronavirus May Already Be Worse in the U.S. Than We Know

And a few recommendations on where you can still put your money to work for profit, even in the current correction…

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The markets continued their downward trudge this week as fears of a coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. worsened.

The death toll in the U.S. reached 14 on Friday, with more than 225 cases of Covid-19 being confirmed across the country.

But even with those increased numbers, there’s a major Reality Gap between the current perception of how widespread and prevalent the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is and how bad things actually are.

You see, there’s been a major shift recently that has the potential to identify a far greater number of cases in the U.S.

In today’s market update, I’ll reveal what that catalyst is, and the severe impact it could have on the market.

And if that happens, you need to be prepared…

I’ll show you how to gauge investor sentiment and determine how traders feel about the market’s prospects going forward. I’ll also point out the level at which – if the market drops that far – you may want to consider pulling your long-term, nest egg money out.

And finally, I’ll give you a few recommendations on where you can still put your money to work for profit, even in the current correction in the market.

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