$1 Trillion is About to Flow Into Stocks, So Buy This

FOMO is about to push $1 trillion into stocks…

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Investors are finally shedding their fears…

They've begun to move money out of safe assets and into riskier ones. The total so far has been a massive $385 billion. But that's only a fraction of what could move in the coming months.

We could see $1 trillion or more rush into stocks as this trend continues. And it's why I believe the recent stock boom will continue in the months ahead.

Let me explain…

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Man who made EIGHTEEN 1,000% recommendations just unveiled his #1 stock, live on camera

Most people will go their whole lives without capturing a 1,000% gain. But one man from rural PA may have cracked the code.

11 years ago, millionaire early stage investor Matt McCall shared some of his first recommendations with the public, live on air.

The anchors laughed in his face. Yet FIVE of the stocks he named that day went on to soar over 1,000%.

Since then, McCall has built one of the greatest track records in the financial world.

He’s pinpointed dozens of  stocks that went on to jump 100% or more. Plus 18 more recommendations that skyrocketed over 1,000%.

Today, he’s doing it all over again.

McCall just teamed up with one of the biggest names in finance to reveal the name and ticker symbol of his favorite stock of the year. 

He says,

“This company is on the cutting-edge of one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 21st century. You can’t afford to ignore this.”

To see McCall’s prediction for yourself, simply click here. You’ll get this stock’s name and ticker symbol, absolutely free.

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