When Markets are This High, History Shows One Move Makes Money

It’s not what you think…

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It may seem hard to believe but the big S&P 500 Index is just 6% or so from all-time highs.

Other big indexes — like the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite — are already putting in record highs this summer.

That begs the question: How long can stocks stay at those lofty levels?

The answer may surprise you!

Turns out all-time highs aren’t a rare anomaly for the stock market. In fact, they’re the market’s “normal mode.”

The S&P 500 has spent about 60% of all trading sessions within 10% of an all-time high over the past six decades.

Contrary to popular belief, stocks don’t start some kind of crash-countdown timer once a new high-water-mark gets set in the S&P 500…

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Apple Quietly Planning To Kick Off a $260 Billion Revolution?

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You should know that Apple’s working on a project that could be far bigger than the iPhone.

And investors who act now could have a real shot at life–changing profits from this coming $260 billion revolution.

First, you need to know what’s expected to take place on July 28.

That’s when my colleague predicts a shocking announcement could be the beginning of Apple’s next tech revolution…

It all has to do with the patent you see here:

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Matt Insley