What to Make of the Tesla Earnings Beat

It may be more of a fluke than you think…

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If you’re wondering whether Wealth Daily is a pro- or anti-Tesla publication as a whole, just look at a few of our recent articles. 

Jason Stutman summed up his thoughts on the electric car manufacturer in one of his first articles of the year, “Great Product, Bad Company, Terrible Stock.”

Back in March, I singled out Tesla along with General Electric and JCPenney as the three stocks most likely to go to zero during the COVID-19 recession. (I was right on at least one count so far.)

Briton Ryle was more concise, penning an article titled “What the $#&%*! Tesla?!” earlier in the year that lambasted the company’s lofty valuation. 

But last week, the carmaker did something none of us expected it to do: It smashed analysts’ Q2 earnings estimates, and in the process, posted its first full year of profitability. 

So, do the Tesla earnings really signify that we were all wrong about the stock? Or is it an aberration?

Let’s take a deeper look… 

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Are you really going to miss this?

Are you really going to miss this?

I know the media’s non-stop hype machine is in overdrive trying to scare the hell out of you.

But I’m begging you, please don’t take your eyes off the bigger picture here.

Because if you are a long-term investor like me, this rare market opportunity is a gift.

It’s a chance to get your hands on some stellar stocks at a great price.

That includes my top four stocks for 2020. I was already bullish on these stocks when the market was at record highs.

And we can still get them at a discount …

I’m buying with both fists.

These stocks are clear leaders in what will be the biggest tech trend of the decade.

And this temporary volatility in the market isn’t going to stop them.

In fact, one of my top picks was UP 11% during one of the market’s worst weeks ever. Imagine what it will do as the market continues to recover.

My top four stocks will be some of the best growth stocks for the next decade. I expect triple-, even quadruple-digit profits ahead. And people who miss this chance to snap them up at these prices will be kicking themselves a year from now.

Don’t let that happen to you.

As the market continues to rebound, investors will be pouring into these stocks.

So tune out the short term noise from the media, and click here for details on this unstoppable megatrend and the four stocks that will deliver monster gains because of it.

Yours in profits,

Christian DeHaemer

Investment Director, Bull and Bust Report

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