What the Next Stimulus Bill Will Really Look Like

Another round of stimulus could send the markets soaring again…

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All of us are coming out of quarantine with some unfinished projects. Perhaps you aspired to learn how to bake focaccia or speak French… but didn’t get around to it. Nothing to be ashamed of. We’re imperfect beings, and many of us bit off a little more than we could chew in terms of how to occupy ourselves during these trying times.  

Congress is really no different, except that it has left a far more important project unfinished: the next round of COVID-19 stimulus. 

After the CARES Act, some minor extensions of its provisions, and a near miss with the HEROES Act, our government still hasn’t settled on a follow-up to the round of $1,200 checks Americans received back in the spring. 

But it’s trying. Today we’re looking at the current state of COVID-19 stimulus legislation, its chances of passage, and its probable effect on your portfolio…

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