What Happens Next if the Fed’s “All In” Bailout Fails Hard

Will massive, unprecedented, insane but probably necessary actions by the Federal save the stock market?

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Will massive, unprecedented, insane but probably necessary actions by the Federal Reserve save the bond market, save corporations, save the stock market?

They better because the future of capital markets depends on it, the economy does too.

Your Capital Wave Forecast this week calls for hopefully rising markets based on the Fed not just signaling, not just saying, but doing “whatever it takes”( as former ECB president Mario Draghi famously said on July 26, 2012) to protect the bond market, the stock market, the economy, from what we now know the Fed sees as a Category-5 hurricane coming straight at us.

Because if markets don’t rise this week but fall back, and worse, fall back hard in the face of the Fed’s “all in” bailout, volatility and big drops are coming back. And maybe quickly.

Equity markets didn’t react as positively as they should have on Thursday after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell nuked the bond market with its biggest-ever liquidity hose, which no one knew they had or dreamed they’d ever try. Still, Thursday’s gains were reasonable and left equity benchmarks in the shortened trading week with spectacular gains of about 12%.

Markets reacting positively, but not spectacularly, isn’t comforting, but for now, we’ll take it.

All in all, the week, ending with the sound of trumpets heralding the Fed army to the rescue, should, I better say could, give markets some hope and maybe momentum.

But I’ll say it again, we’ve never been here before. And, if markets don’t rally, something’s wrong.

Which, of course, we already know.

After the Fed’s extraordinary action comes earnings this week. Did the Fed fire their guns before earnings start rolling out on purpose?


They know and we know earnings are going to make or break the markets.

About that Fed bazooka…

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