What Social Security Law “H.R. 1” Means for Your Retirement

If you are at or nearing retirement, then you might be in for some good news.

Thanks to a little-known piece of legislation known as “H.R. 1,” many seniors could stand to get as much as an extra $570 on their social security checks each month.

This method, often written about by economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, is used by less than 2% of Americans.

Most seniors would be shocked to learn about these benefits even though they have been freely and openly published by the Social Security Administration for years.

Thankfully for those about to retire there may still be time to cash in on this once in a lifetime income opportunity before they miss their chance forever.

That’s why it is recommended all seniors see how they can qualify for the benefit maximization methods outlined in “H.R. 1,” along with 47 other money-making benefits for seniors that are hidden in plain sight.

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