Was That Really the Greatest Quarter Ever for Stocks?

It may not feel like it, but this was the best quarter for stocks since 1987…

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I just returned from a long weekend at my Bethany Beach house on the Delaware shore. We actually cut our trip short because it got so damn crowded.

Sunbathers were packed like sardines on the beach. 

wd beach

I didn’t like crowded beaches before the pandemic. I certainly don't like them now.

Bars and restaurants at the shore were slammed with people taking a vacation from the pandemic; but it backfired.

wd delaware beach bars

So instead of fighting the crowds, I decided to clean the garage. 

My wife and I purchased our Bethany house in 2007. 

It’s a behemoth of a house with five bedrooms and six baths, so it could easily accommodate our growing family of five children. 

But it was a lot more than we bargained for. You see, the old saying “You never know how many friends and family you have until you have a beach house” is true.

We used to spend every summer in Bethany. It was our escape to decompress and recharge our batteries.

But no sooner had the ink dried on our deed did the revolving door of endless guests start. 

And of course, they all wanted to party. From noon to midnight, beach, pool, drink. The recycling can spoke the truth. 

By the time Labor Day came around, my liver was sending me hate mail.

I would always tell my wife, “We’re not doing this again next year.” But hangovers have short memories. 

It was usually around the time I was drying out that I reflected on the summer’s comings and goings.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a typical summer. 

So let me do some reflecting…

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Google just poured $4 billion into THIS…

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