Wall Street is Missing the Point Again on COVID Vaccines

Wall Street is once again making all the wrong moves because of vaccine news…

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The world just got a little bit of something we all needed this year…


Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective in testing so far. Those results were much better than anticipated. And it’s possible that it could get the green light from regulators by the end of this month.

Now, it’ll likely take more than a year before enough vaccines are produced for the global population. But it’s a start. We’re one step closer to ending this pandemic.

It’s great news for the world … but it hasn’t exactly been great news for the market.

After Pfizer’s vaccine news broke, Wall Street traders went to work. They figured that a vaccine meant people would soon be able to go back out. People would be itching to go to work, school, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters.

All of a sudden, stocks that were hurt most by the pandemic — like travel and energy — were soaring. ExxonMobil was up 13%. Delta Airlines gained 17%. And Carnival Cruise saw a 39% boost.

On the flip side, businesses supporting our new remote world suffered losses that day. High-flyers like Zoom Video and Netflix dropped 17% and almost 9%, respectively.

But this kind of market movement is absolutely silly. And it shouldn’t change the way you handle your portfolio at all. Here’s why…

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