The Two Best Tech IPOs to Watch Now

Tech stocks are thriving during Covid, and these two tech IPOs could be huge…

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There has not been much IPO action this year, thanks to COVID-19. In April-May of 2020, IPO activity was said to decrease 48% for the same quarter. That came to a 67% decrease in proceeds from April-May 2019.

But that doesn't mean there isn't money to be made on IPOs.

Our best tech IPOs to watch now might tell a different story…

IPO investing is great chance to invest in companies early for maximum gain.

A storm of volatility has made many business leaders unsure of whether they could rely on the public market to raise funds. It's what has led to a surge in SPAC investing, or “blank check” companies, this year.

Tech stocks, however, thrived during the pandemic. The NASDAQ is at an all-time high above 11,000, sitting on 22% gains for the year so far. Compare that to the Dow, which is still recovering from its March losses.

For this reason, tech IPOs are standing out. And our best tech IPOs today could be some of the top tech stocks around, period.

These companies likely don't need to worry about raising cash in the public market. They both could be positioned to thrive on brand and market dominance.

But are their IPOs worth investing in?

Some things to keep in mind…

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Inside the Confidential Airbnb IPO

Fellow Investor,

Private sources tell The Wall Street Journal

Airbnb plans a confidential IPO in 2020.

And the IPO could be valued above $18 billion! 

Smart money investors private equity firms are already scooping up private shares. And you could grab shares before the IPO.

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Inside Airbnb’s Confidential IPO

WARNING: Do not wait for the IPO. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will NOT allow regular investors to get IPO shares.

Frankly, these big banks have already been locked out of the biggest IPOs.

Yet Pre-IPO investors have had a shot at gains of:

  • 508% on Moderna
  • 1,109% on Big Commerce
  • 1,260% on Fiverr
  • 1,573% on Beyond Meat
  • 8,467% on Zoom

These Pre-IPO gains are typically 5-times bigger than IPO profits.

Airbnb will be the biggest IPO of 2020. And you could secure Pre-IPO shares before the stock even starts trading. 

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Ian Wyatt

P.S. Airbnb plans a CONFIDENTIAL IPO.

That means the company’s financial results and business plans will be hidden from investors. Yet my team has dug in and discovered Airbnb’s little-known secrets.

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