Twitter Watching: Is the Next Musk Stock Darling Imminent?

The world's richest man has got some serious Twitter power.

With 47 million followers, he can move markets – creating billions in wealth – with a single tweet.

Look what he did for Bitcoin (BTC), the red hot cryptocurrency.

Musk simply changed his Twitter bio to #bitcoin, and BOOM – the cryptocurrency market went bonkers, soaring 20% in a matter of hours.

Even crazier is what Musk did in January.

He tweeted to followers: “Use Signal“.

He was referring to a popular messaging app that uses encryption. But people thought he was talking about Signal Advance (SIGL), a publicly traded engineering company.

That single Tweet sent Signal Advance on a 527% tear.

All it took was one stroke of his keyboard – and huge fortunes were made.

Heck, “Musk Twitter Watching” has turned into moneymaking sport. All over America investors NEED to know… what's Musk backing next?

And according to Shah Gilani, the famed analyst on Fox Business who's known for his accurate predictions, the answer is clear as day: it's a brand-new technology called Augmented Collaboration.

Never heard of it? Trust me, you will soon enough.

Because Elon Musk is ALL over it.

In fact, he's been using this astonishing Augmented Collaboration technology to accomplish unbelievably complicated feats. I'm talking about sending a rocket to space! That's how groundbreaking this new technology is…

And that's why, Shah predicts that the one company behind Musk's Augmented Technology is about to soar to the moon itself…

In fact, based on what he knows about Musk… including a circulating list of huge corporations about to dive into this technology… this one stock could give you the biggest gains of your life over the next 18 months.

Go here to see the legendary Shah Gilani rip the lid off this entire Elon Musk story.