Trump Was Right, Buffett Was Wrong – and You Can Profit

Like him or not Trump, was exactly right about this stock…

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Back on June 5, President Donald Trump said Wall Street legend Warren Buffett made a “mistake” by selling United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) and other airline stocks.

Buffett dumped his UAL stock and all his other airline names some time in the first quarter.

Regardless of what you think about Trump, he has been right about airline stocks.

Since the end of Q1, United’s shares are up about 30%. Heading into 2021, there are two extremely promising coronavirus vaccines on the way. United appears on track to be one of those long-term recovery plays that Buffett has been known for throughout the years.

But this time, he was selling when he should have been buying….

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Radical new battery could dismantle $75 TRILLION oil markets

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It’s of a mind-blowing new type of battery insiders are calling a “paradigm shift” in energy technology…

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In fact, it’s proven to be such a game-changing force that some of the most powerful oil and gas corporations in the world are terrified of this breakthrough and what it’s going to do to disrupt their industry.

To them, the writing is on the wall.

It’s either embrace this new technology or become obsolete.

The U.S. Department of Energy has already classified this innovation as a “critical need” for the mass adoption of electric vehicles — as it finally promises to dramatically reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

At the heart of this revolution, one tiny company — less than 1/1000th the size of General Motors — is gearing up to drive the commercialization of this technology…

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Matt McCall
Editor, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities