Trump Is Giving America Something Extra Special This Year

It’s got nothing to do with the election, Covid, or Congress…

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I’ve got some great news…

This article isn’t about the election, coronavirus, or Congress.

Even better, it’s about something that’s massively significant to your life, my life, and the fabric of America’s freedom. And it’s also about the top issue on Trump’s mind this week.

How do I know?

It’s not from Twitter or the news — but rather from the most significant communications channel still at Trump’s disposal: his executive orders.

Trump has issued not one… not two… but three executive orders aimed at an emergency improvement of America’s 5G.

I’ll sum it up for you:

  • Our current cell networks and critical infrastructure are vulnerable to spyware threats from China.
  • As a response, America’s networks need an immediate upgrade to a new, secure 5G standard.
  • And the Pentagon is instructed to give a very big gift to America’s 5G companies to achieve the security we need.

This “gift” is the midband spectrum of radio bandwidth.

Please allow me to explain why this is such a big deal… Story continues here.


The Fight For America’s 5G

I’m writing to you today because THIS cell phone… the one I’m holding in my hands right now… is ILLEGAL to buy or sell in the United States.

Now, you don’t have to worry — I’ve completely disabled it… and I’ve also removed the battery.

So we’re safe from THIS phone: China can no longer use it to spy on us.

But if I hadn’t disabled it, the communist government of China would know that I’m standing in downtown Washington DC, just blocks from the Capitol.

The signal would go to those cell phone towers over there, just like all cell phone signals do.

But the cutting-edge 5G technology in this phone would also do something else…

Were it not disabled, this phone would also route a secret signal to China, the place where it was made, and my location would be recorded at a top-secret computer facility in Beijing.

China would know that I’m here today on an urgent research trip… and that I’m looking into the international controversy caused by its newest 5G technology.

I’ve come here today because there are several MILLION phones just like this one that are ALREADY in the United States.

And if a powerful $8.4 billion Chinese company gets its way, there will be millions more of these phones used right here, WITHIN U.S. borders.

And that’s in ADDITION to the millions of phones like this that are already being used everywhere across the globe…

  • From Paris…
  • To Moscow…
  • To downtown Hong Kong, where these phones have ALREADY been used to track the movements of pro-democracy freedom fighters.

As I’m sure you already know, the United States and China have been duking it out on multiple fronts for decades now.

But never before on this scale.

This phone — and the 5G technology it contains — has become the DECIDING battleground between the two most powerful countries in the world.

And I have some bad news: up to this point China has been winning, and America is on the ropes.

But there’s hope…

America is FINALLY staging a comeback.

As U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said: “…the tide is turning.”

This story involves not millions of dollars… not billions of dollars…

  • But literal trillions of dollars
  • Our national security
  • And the future of all U.S. telecommunications

I hope you’ve buckled your seatbelt — because this is a wild ride.

Which brings me to the reason I’ve reached out to you today…

And the reason why this story is worth your time.

You see, America’s champion in the fight against this phone is creating the single-largest investment opportunity I’ve ever found.

It could literally make you wealthy in the space of a few short months — perhaps even weeks.

It could easily be the most money you’ll ever make on a tech stock.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what happened during the rollouts of 3G and 4G…

And that’s in addition to the solid gains made by the big blue chips, including Verizon (141%), Samsung (142%), and Apple (678%).

AND the huge returns from dozens of smaller companies that made even more!

In short: the 3G and 4G rollouts represent hundreds of billions in investor profits.

As I’ll explain in detail, Battleground 5G will do all of this and more — and in a record amount of time.

Let me show you how you could make the most you’ve ever made on a tech stock in the weeks ahead.


Jimmy Mengel

Investment Director, The Crow’s Nest

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