To Survive Winter, Avoid These Six Stocks

Your “winter survival plan” as stocks keep getting more and more volatile…

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Amid this summer's economic pain, continued cases of COVID-19, and lockdown restrictions, the outdoors have been a bright spot.

For individuals, it's where we've been able to see friends and family without too much risk of catching COVID-19.

For bars, restaurants, and cafes, the open air has allowed them to serve customers and take in a little money.

Now, fall is settling in and temperatures are dropping. Especially in northern states, that's going to make the outside much less appealing.

Indeed, COVID-19 is already resurging – reaching the inside of the White House, as we learned Friday – and people moving indoors will only make it worse by increasing the risk of exposure. This is going to have a huge impact on businesses that are already struggling.

In fact, four sectors are going to be hit hard this fall and winter.

And if you're not on guard, your portfolio could take a hit, too.

Unless you get out of these six stocks now and hedge accordingly – which is why I've put together my “Winter Survival Plan” to ensure your portfolio is well-insulated this winter…

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