Three Breakout Income Stocks to Grow Your Wealth for Years

With yields high and stimulus flowing, now is a good time for income stocks…

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My neighbor Frank knows I trade for a living. He's been asking me what to do right now in this tricky market environment.

You might be in a similar situation as Frank. He's about 10 years away from retirement. He's been investing for years, with the power of the bull market giving him a nice nest egg.

Now he knows he needs to make some changes, to be in a good spot to retire. His biggest question is always about where he can “store” his money right now. He wants to know what's safe.

He wants income.

He wants to make money on the stocks he's holding, as I imagine you do, as well. He has 10 years before retirement to reinvest those dividends.

Frank also spent years working at Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG), a name synonymous with yield. PG increased its dividend for 63 years, landing it on the Dividend Aristocrat list. Just two weeks ago, it increased its dividend by 6%.

Yields are up now. With the stock market still down about 14% from its record highs in February, yields have climbed from an average 1.9% in February to 2.4% in April.

Of course, you don't have to settle for just yield. You can buy stocks with healthy yield and that are climbing higher, so you can get paid to hold it and see your investment grow.

To find those stocks, I turn to the technicals. Technical signals don't lie – they give you solid data on price trends so you know what's heading up, down, or sideways.

They're the EKG of this market, showing you exactly what's going on.

Today, the technicals have led me to three breakout income stocks that are flashing the key bullish signals I look for when buying and that give you reliable yield…

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