This Study Suggests The U.S. Bull Market May End Within 12 Months

The current bull market has been one of extremes and exceptionally long length. In fact, it has lasted so long that some may be thinking it might never end, especially after the ultra-brief three-month hiccup that was the fourth quarter. However, if there’s one thing we must not forget, it’s that what comes up must come down—no matter how long it’s been marching upward.

One thing is certain: more uncertainty ahead

It’s been such smooth sailing for so many years that 2019 is pretty much guaranteed that uncertainty and volatility will return in full force. The Natixis Investment Managers Global Survey of Professional Fund Buyers questioned fund buyers about what they’re doing to plan for this year’s expected uncertainty. Professional fund buyers choose funds for insurers, funds of funds, broker-dealer platforms, private banks and trust companies.

Thus, this survey goes straight to the top of the investment chain to examine those who actually spend most of their working days researching funds and planning which ones to buy. These buyers are tasked with finding performance in a low-return environment by investing in risk but also limiting risk to preserve wealth.

Bull market could end this year

The survey found that 83% if professional fund…

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