This One Fintech Stock is the Winner of the Digital Revolution

2020 was the year it took off, and there’s no going back…

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Payments platform PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) has been one of Wall Street’s biggest winners for years. Over the past five years, PYPL stock is up nearly 800%. Why? Because PayPal has emerged as a winner in the Digital Revolution, wherein consumers are shifting all their activity into the digital world.

That’s the good news. Here’s the better news: The Digital Revolution is only going to accelerate over the next decade.

Consumers are only going to shop online more. They’re only going to use digital wallets more. They’re only going to engage and play more in the digital world. As they do all of that stuff, consumers will increasingly find themselves using PayPal’s suite of digital payment services in their everyday lives.

And, as that happens, PayPal’s revenue and profit growth rates will remain robust — which will lay the foundation for this big rally in PYPL stock to persist for a lot longer.

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